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Launch a New Site, Site Updates, or Infrastructure Cutovers with the confidence that comes from daily practice and improvement for over 18 years.

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Website and Infrastructure Monitoring, 24/7, 365

There have been some hiccups, learning points, stumbling points, reaching us when we started. We’ve been working on it. Redundancies for phone numbers, single contact point with call hunting and voice assistant, and multiple on-call engineers.

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DevOps = Stable Website = Happy Life

The DevOps philosophy aligns perfectly with our lifetimes of working in the web industry. Not tech, not IT, not marketing, … WEB 😱

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Open Book

Nothing to hide. Simply trying to keep your website up, and your web project on track, through the use of proven best practices (modern and nearly pre-histroic ideas 🐱‍🐉).

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100% Transparency is our goal. 💩 happens. When it does, we want to let you know that we are on it! do, we update our Status Page.

Quickly dissemenating information in emergency situations is one of many DevOps Best Practices that Dalyle preaches.

Two Decades of Experience

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DevOps Questions? Website Project Management? Web Dev? Linux? If you are interested, and can reach Greg, he’ll chat endlessly on the subjects.


Dalyle DevOps Inc. (DDOINC) is an experiment by Greg Stevens launched in October 2021. An experiment in customer service, cloud architecture, keeping commitments, and potentially being an open-agency, sharing all the best tools, advice, experiences, etc. online for anyone to read, contribute, and hopefully improve. CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT - KAIZEN!

After more than 17 years as a hired professional at an agency, and about 6 years before that as a geek setting up Linux servers in my Mom’s basement, and then her friends businesses.

`Touch base, so many things to offer it’s hard to describe.

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Success Stories

Over 20 Years of Successess and Learnings.

Continually Improving through daily practice of Kaizen

Improving our ways, so you can benefit from what works IRL (in real-life).